Apple Drop Peach


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Let your taste buds dive into a pool of peachy, appley delight with Apple Drop Peach e-juice. This scrumptious vape juice brings together the timeless flavor duo of ripe, juicy peaches and tart, crunchy apples into an exhilarating fruity fusion.


Mouthwatering mix of sweet peach and tart apple

Max VG for enormous clouds

Available with multiple strengths of nicotine

Every puff leads your taste buds down a fruit flavored waterslide, starting with the sweet succulence of peach on the inhale before plunging into the refreshing crisp snap of apple on the exhale. It’s a flavor rollercoaster that will leave your mouth watering for more.


Fruit vape aficionados will fall head over heels for this vibrant peach apple blend. Its mix of sweet and tart fruit flavors keeps you coming back for more puff after blissful puff.

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